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TestRX Review – Ingredients, Side Effects, Results

testrxThere’s nothing more enjoyable than those moments when you take off your shirts, and dozens of ladies start checking you out.

You can see all of this in their glances. The way they look at you – undoubtedly undressing the rest of you mentally – at your shoulders, chest, six-pack, and other stiff muscles of your body cry out you are that alpha male most of them have been looking for.

TestRX is a natural supplement lots of bodybuilders use to get that body. It helps boost testosterone levels without extra fuss and throws away all those barriers when they get into the gym and start working out.

TestRX Results

Increased Strength – This is what you will get with TestRX, as its active ingredients have significantly improved the lower and upper body power.

Huge Muscles – As testosterone encourages protein synthesis, you will get a block of hard muscle in a tiny period.

Athletic Potential – As the supplement increases testosterone levels, more oxygen delivers to your muscles.

Fast Recovery – Test RX helps males recover faster after hard workouts and get big muscles, which is a pleasant result.

Weight Loss – Everyone knows that muscles burn fat. So TestRX is there to help you with excess weight as well.

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Why is TestRX Better Than Other Bodybuilding Supplements?

It’s no secret there are lots of stuff for bodybuilders on the market, and you might have tried dozens of them. Whey powder and creatine give good results at first but fade afterward. And you are back to stage 1.

Here is a tip: testosterone helps build muscle by leading to protein synthesis, the foundation of muscle growth. Just take a minute and think about that: steroids mimic the testosterone effect. Why? It’s effortless: while steroids are pretty dangerous, testosterone can build more muscle safely.

Test RX Boosts Testosterone in a Major Way!

Knowing that testosterone builds more muscle getting to the needle is not safe. What can you do?

It’s pretty easy to answer that – Give TestRX a Try!

No, really! Test RX is an all-natural testosterone booster produced by Leading Edge Health, which can boast some of the best and most researched T boosters in the market.

One of the TestRX ingredients proved to boost testosterone by up to 60% alone!!

Here is a secret for you:

if you are dying to get bigger muscles, think “ZMA.” It combines vitamin B6 and two minerals (magnesium aspartate and zinc monomethionine). They work together and improve the immune system, boosting strength and energy levels.

testrx zma

Researchers claimed this powerful combo increased T and HGH significantly in only seven weeks based on a study conducted on NCAA football players.

So ZMA is an all-natural strength and energy booster! We knew that, now you know that – and it’s all there in TestRX!

TestRX Ingredients

Fenugreek - For more body strength and fat reduction.fenugreek

MagnesiumMagnesium - For greater endurance and Athletic Ability.

vitamin B6

In 1984 study found that Vitamin B6 influences testosterone and other steroid hormones, most likely by recycling receptors from the nucleus to cytosol after initial translocation.

The English version is that it seems to tell the testes to make more testosterone. Vitamin B6 may also influence estrogen levels, contributing to the complex dance of men's hormones and wellness.

ZincZinc - For virility and testosterone preservation.

vitamin k2Vitamin K2 is the most important of all Vitamin K group compounds. K2 appears to help stabilize testosterone levels, reduce bone loss and may help the cardiovascular system, all of which help in the weight room.

d-aspartic acidD-Aspartic Acid - For growth hormone, testosterone, and luteinizing hormone.

zmaToday ZMA is one of the major muscle boosters. A 2000 study on NCAA football players after just seven weeks found increased HGH and testosterone, which help muscle growth and athletic performance. ZMA might also help your immune system and energy levels.

Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19860889
Source: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16648789

Smash Your Way To Bigger Muscles

Protein is the substance that helps build muscle blocks. However, the ability of your body to use it depends on the protein’s bioavailability.

Testosterone helps produce protein, which allows your body to use it to increase muscle mass. In more complex words, testosterone binds to androgen receptors in muscle cells, leading to protein synthesis.

The conducted studies prove that the formula of TestRX boosts protein and bioavailability, turning it into great fuel and helping to build muscles in the whole body!

We do our best to help you increase T levels and get bigger muscles. However, the supplement comes with lots of incredible extras.

Your lady may say that you make her feel safe, or you might as well hear lots of comments about your strength from your friends, colleagues, and people who might see your work out, have some job done in your office, or jog in the morning.

Besides, you may also be complemented by lifting big weights with Test RX and after it.

What are TestRX Benefits?

TestRX is like your muscles’ fuel, designed to increase testosterone, boost strength, and build muscle with the help of its natural ingredients.

With Test RX, you get the following:

testrx dosagetest rx ingredientsa 60 day testrx guaranteetestrx leading edge


TestRX provides you with more LH, HGH, and T! It is a fundamental foundation of long-term muscle growth and an awesomely fit body that will tell everyone you are a natural DOG!

Sex and Muscles

Test RX helps you overcome all obstacles easily and build massive muscles. However, there is one great and enjoyable benefit we haven’t mentioned before. Studies of TestRX ingredients have proved they increase male virility and sexual vigor. After taking it, you will notice you can last longer in bed. Consider it momentarily: a guy’s muscles are just women’s breasts. The bigger you are, the more likely your lady will want more of you and your body full of muscle.

So with TestRX, you will indeed have your virility and boosted desire in addition to increasing muscle mass.

TestRX Advantages

testrx resultsMore Testosterone
Testosterone is the foundation of muscle growth!

Weight Loss
TestRX ingredients promote healthier weight loss!

Boosted HGH
HGH is increased with Test RX as well!

Increased Energy
TestRX natural ingredients let more oxygen in the muscles!

More Strength
The Test RX formula boosts oxygen to the muscles!

Natural Action
TestRX contains only natural ingredients!

Boosted Virility
It helps men last longer in bed!

Awesome Body
You will get what you want and more with the help of the TestRX formula!

You can even get your money back if you don’t like it! But we are sure that won’t happen!

Money-back Guarantee

You will love TestRX and its results. We give a 60-day money-back guarantee: you can try the product, and if you don’t like it, you can return the supplement within 67 days and get your money back.

But we mean it! It’s as simple as that! Just give Test RX a try and see it all by yourself.

We have taken the shot and know that TestRX will get you ripped like no other supplement!

So stop hesitating or thinking it all over. Challenge yourself and order a portion of bigger muscles! The sooner you place your order, the sooner your muscles get bigger and your body – sexier. Feel like a professional bodybuilder and enjoy those glances!


Test-RX Prices

One-month supply – $69.99 (RETAIL PRICE: $79.99 You SAVE $10.00)

Three-month supply – $199.99 (RETAIL PRICE: $239.97 You SAVE $39.98)

Six-month supply -$399.99 + FREE Shipping Worldwide. (RETAIL PRICE:  $479.94 You SAVE $89.95)

Twelve-month supply -$747.00 + FREE Shipping Worldwide. (RETAIL PRICE: $959.88 You SAVE $242.88) – BEST VALUE!

Where to Buy TestRX

The best place buys Test RX is only on the Official website and affiliated sites. Only here you get the best price with discounts, 100% original product, and a 60-day money-back guarantee!

Avoid buying TestRX at Amazon or eBay. We received many compliances about fake Test RX pills or boxes with an expired guarantee. TestRX is not always available at GNC, Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and other large stores. (Hint: the price there is usually higher at $10 than on the Official website). So, don’t lose your time and money. Buy TestRX on the Official website.

How Can I Buy TestRX in Australia, the UK, Canada, or Other Countries?

Don’t worry! You don’t need to search for TestRX in different stores in your country. Just order from the Official online store, and you get the original Test RX in the UK, Australia, or any other country with our free shipping for bulk orders!

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How to Break a Plateau Bodybuilding

Every athlete, bodybuilder, and person who spends time in the gym has felt the frustrating effects of a plateau. It occurs because a lack of variety, overtraining, or poor nutrition plateaus slow progress to a halt.

Luckily, plateaus need not last forever. There are many ways to blast through a plateau and continue seeing the gains in muscle mass and strength everyone desires. It takes some work to break through a plateau, but anyone can do it.

While TestRX is proven to stimulate muscle growth, various training methods can overcome a plateau.

7 Ways to Break a Muscle Plateau

1. Take a week off

This may come as a surprise to gym rats, but taking some time off to allow the body to recover can be tremendously effective in producing future gains. This is because muscles do not grow while an individual lifts weights. Given proper nutrition, they grow when the muscles are at rest, repairing the strained fibers. Besides, the rest of one’s muscles and joints will allow them to work out harder when returning to the gym.

2. Post-Failure Heavy Overload

This is a powerful technique for those who cannot lift heavier. It is a simple concept: work until failure for a given exercise, take the weight off the bar, then push out as many reps as possible without plates. This method is a great way to increase max strength for several weeks.

3. Do Drop Sets

This is a fantastic way to pack in significant volume at the end of an exercise or workout. Essentially, work until failure at a given weight. Then, drop the weight and immediately pump out a few more reps. Then, decrease again and do a few more. This method allows many reps to be performed while working with maximum effort.

4. Lower Super Set Reps

Lowering reps is a great way to add weight and pack on muscle. Many individuals mistake performing the standard 8-12 reps with each exercise when performing a superset. As a result – over 20 reps for each superset. By performing 4-6 reps with heavier weight for each exercise, the superset can be performed with a total of 8-12 reps.

5. Try Assisted Reps

It’s dangerous, not regarding safety, but in killing gains. To do this properly, choose a weight just higher than one’s max. Then, with a trusted spotter, get help finishing the last few reps in a set. It can be an effective way to lift heavier weights and push through a plateau.

6. Drop Your Reps

Above, it was suggested that superset reps could be dropped to allow heavier weights to be lifted. The same method can be used on individual exercises. It is a great way to lift heavier and ensure the body is not used to a particular routine.

7. Tweak Your Variables

The above methods are great ways to break through plateaus by significantly changing one’s routine. However, the little things can have just as much of an impact. Changing how far apart the hands are while bench pressing can change which muscles are stressed. The difference between supinating and pronating a grip can change an exercise’s effectiveness. These minor differences add up to significant gains.


While these tips are helpful and effective ways of overcoming a plateau, it is important to remember that the fundamental idea is to keep the body guessing. Applying all of these changes simultaneously or changing one’s routine every week would be overkill. The best method is to continue using a given program as long as the results keep coming. Once progress slows, mix in one of the above training methods.

TestRX is a great way to help the body achieve massive gains, especially when following the above advice. It is a product that naturally stimulates the production of testosterone. Its unique and powerful ingredients include amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, specifically chosen to promote incredible muscle growth.

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Increase Muscle Mass


Boost Your Strength


Have More Energy


Achieve Weight Loss


Crank Up Your Sex Drive



  • Natural ingredients in the right dosage
  • No side effects
  • No prescription required
  • Made in the USA
  • 67 days money back guarantee


  • Hard to find in stores
  • Individual results may be vary
  • Only available online